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Typical Maryliz

A little about me!

ME portrait drawing.jpg

Mary Elizabeth Caverly is an artist working in everything from watercolors to mixed media, but she discovered circle art while noodling around in her sketch book one day. She calls her technique Drawn Circle Mosaic. 


Rough pen sketches become beautiful, colorful and dimensional pieces of art using simple circles and color. Not only has this technique given her a new way to express how she sees the world around her, it also has a meditative, relaxing affect as she works. ME has learned to expect the unexpected in her work, and that is what she finds most rewarding about it. The little mistakes that become wonderful surprises.


ME creates her unique artworks in her garden studio in Pasadena, California behind the cottage she shares with her husband, two cats and one pup.

Her art can be found at Typical Maryliz on Facebook, Instagram and here on her Website.

First Circle Face

Mary Elizabeth Caverly

All images © Typical Maryliz
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